how to start Affiliate marketing guide for beginners 2021

Introduction of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is either a means or an endeavor in which a customer is associated with a company and the products of that company are sold. If it does, then the commission generated from it is called affiliate marketing

Examples of affiliate marketing

Suppose you have a friend who has to buy a mobile phone. You can tell him the name of a company and send him your affiliate link and your friend will buy any mobile phone through this link. The commission you will get is called affiliate marketing in which you can take an example of the Amazon website. There are many products on the Amazon website. You can go here and join the affiliate marketing program. You can create your own affiliate link. After creating an affiliate link, you can send it to WhatsApp, Facebook, and social media platforms. If a customer buys something from your link, you will get a commission. And the commission you get is called affiliate marketing in which you are merging a customer with a company and from there you are taking commission ie you people have merged Amazon with a customer and there This is called affiliate marketing

how to work affiliate marketing

When big websites like Flipkart and Amazon came they had to sell their product. The company website launched its own program because they had to sell their product under which you can promote their product. You can sell their product. You can sell their products from here by promoting them on your blog or your website or your YouTube channel. Affiliate marketing works through a link which is called an affiliate marketing link. Whether it’s selling a product or promoting your product, the company launches an affiliate marketing program and recruits people to join it. People who have their own website have their own YouTube channel or have a powerful social media platform. Platforms such as Instagram’s profile,

Facebook page, which gets a lot of traffic, or a lot of people visit their profile or page monthly, then join the company that has launched its affiliate marketing program. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people The company that runs the affiliate program gives you an affiliate marketing battle link from which you can earn money and the details of each product are there and whatever you have to sell is the details of that product. You can see it there. After generating the link, they have launched their marketing program. They have to look at their own category of product and after selecting the ticket, you can block them on the website or any social media platform. You can promote on the form. If a customer does something from their promotion or any of their links, then you get the commission. This commission is called applet marketing and in the same way minority marketing work.

how to join an amazon affiliate program

open google and search amazon affiliate program
Click here amazon affiliate program website

amazon affiliate program commission rates 2021

click hear open amazon affiliate program commission rates

how to start affiliate marketing 2021

You don’t need an office for affiliate marketing and of course, you can start affiliate marketing whenever and wherever you want. For that, you have to have a YouTube channel or a blog. It should also have traffic. People visit it on a monthly basis. Then there are a lot of websites that launch their own affiliate program. You have to go there and register your blog or your YouTube channel.

(Best Guide Affiliate marketing)

There you have to generate your affiliate marketing link then you have to select your product there whichever product is related to your website or your youtube channel and after selecting the product you have people to your website or your youtube The channel is to post this product and there you have to put your affiliate marketing link. After putting the link, if any of your people buy a product through you, you will get an affiliate commission. You guys can do affiliate marketing and you guys can make money online. Sell as many products as you can. The more you vote or promote, the more affiliate commissions you will get

best top 10 websites for affiliate marketing

  • ShareASale Affiliates
  • solvied Affiliate
  • Amazon affiliate program
  • eBay partners program
  • Shopify affiliate program
  • Clickbank Affiliate program
  • Rakuten Marketing Affiliate
  • leadpages partner program
  • jotform affiliate program
  • cj affiliate program
  • VPN affiliate program

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